icandies 圖示包
資源 (相應的 Web 網站 Captch 這一資源) 的參考連結Iconeden
資源資訊: All the icons in this pack ??60 icons in total ??are designed in Round Rectangle shape and delivered in sizes of 64?64, 48?48, and 32?32 pixels. The pack is formatted as EPS 10 and AI. . Icons in set : 32 bit, 3d glasses, 64 bit, accept, accordion, account balances, action log, active sessions, add, administrator, advanced data grid, advertising, agp, alarm bell, align above, align bellow, align center, align compact, align left, align middle, align none, align right, all right reserved, american express, anchor, android, angel, anti xss, aol mail, apple, apple half, application, application add, application cascade, application control bar, application delete, application double, application edit, application error, application form, application form add, application form delete, application form edit, application form magnify, application from storage, application get,
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