icomic 圖示圖示包
資源 (相應的 Web 網站 Captch 這一資源) 的參考連結fasticon
資源資訊: a collection of 49 freeware icons for your desktop. The iComic contains icons such as several colored Folders, Web icon, Trash, iPod, iChat, Garage Band, Safari and some File Types.. Icons in set : address book, cd, documents, favorits, finder, folder , folder blue, folder close blue, folder close green, folder close red, folder close yellow, folder documents blue, folder documents red, folder documents yellow, folder favorits blue, folder favorits green, folder favorits yellow, folder gray, folder green, folder image blue, folder image red, folder image yellow, folder ipod blue, folder ipod green, folder ipod red, folder ipod yellow, folder music blue, folder music green, folder music red, folder music yellow, folder picture green, folder red, folder web blue, folder web green, folder web red, folder web yellow, folder yellow, garage band, ical, ichat, images, iphoto, ipod,
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