comfi 圖示設置圖示包
資源 (相應的 Web 網站 Captch 這一資源) 的參考連結ComFi
資源資訊: We think that practical characteristic pixel icon pack is the best trend that will go beyond Vista magnificence and is something web designers to rely on. Launched on year 1996 ComFi developed a niche "ComFi Telecom Icons" icon pack in 32x32 px in 2010 . Several icons could find a more general use than just telecom , like the receptionist, feedback, guarantee, help icons. Others are more niche : voip, vpn . For personal & commercial usage .. Icons in set : antenna, bluetooth, click to call, dial, feedback, guarantee, hang up, headphones, help, keypad, mobile phone, my invoices, my profile, my reports, my savings, receptionist, sms, sms call, support man, support woman, telecom, telephone, telephone receiver, tell a friend, usb, voip, vpn, wallet, web call, wifi
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