24 x 24 免費的應用程式圖示的圖示包
關鍵字:綠色箭頭   圓圈箭頭   Gif  
資源 (相應的 Web 網站 Captch 這一資源) 的參考連結Aha-Soft Team
資源資訊: A set of free icons in a size of 24x24 picturing lots of symbols for any application s toolbar.. Icons in set : 3d bar chart, abort, about, add, anchor, application, apply, back, bad mark, blue key, blue tag, boss, bottom, calculator, calendar, car key, cd, clipboard, clock, close, compass, component, copy, create, cut, danger, database, delete, delivery, dial, disaster, dollar, down, download, e mail, eject, erase, error, euro, exit, fall, fast forward, favourites, female, filter, find, first record, flag, folder, forbidden, forward, free bsd, go back, go forward, good mark, green tag, heart, help book 3d, hint, home, how to, hungup, info, key, last recor, left right, lightning, linux, list, load, lock, low rating, mail, male, medium rating, message, mobile phone, modify, movie, music, new document, next track, no entry, notes, ok, paste, pause, people, person, phone
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